Top Email Marketing Software Providers of 2021 for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Top Email Marketing Software Providers of 2021 for Entrepreneurs and Coaches

As you are getting started with building your email marketing list, it can be a daunting task and overwhelming to try and learn the nuances of the software if you don’t do some research beforehand. Just Google email marketing software and you will come up with tons of results on the first page alone! I’ve done the research for you! This list is the best email marketing software providers of 2021 that are easiest to use for entrepreneurs and small business owners when first starting out.

 A key feature to look out for is email automation. The key to building your email marketing list and nurturing your contacts to book more discovery calls or sell more is to be able to have a landing page with a form that new leads can sign up to which then has an automated email they receive once signing up to include the download. There is then a series of emails that follow automatically that can be used to nurture your leads over a period of weeks, introduce them to your brand, and sell more through what is called an Email Welcome Series. If you think this sounds cumbersome, check out this blog post of 5 reasons why you need a welcome email sequence. For help with your email welcome series, book a discovery call with me here.

Mailchimp is very popular because it’s free but the interface can be clunky to understand and hard to digest for new email marketers. If you have more than 5 freebies to give away, but your list is small, then Mailchimp makes it difficult to accomplish sending those freebies in an automated email follow up.

AWeber is one of the ones that been around a long time. Free plan with an easy to use drag and drop feature and allow email automation under their free plan. Beautiful and easy to use drag landing pages.

ActiveCampaign has lots of features for only $9 per month including an automated welcome email series.

ConvertKit has a free plan (for lists smaller than 1000 subscribers), BUT this free plan does NOT include automated funnels and series.. Automation is key for building your email list! The paid plan is $29 per month that includes automation.

Constant Contact starts at $20 per month but that does not include automated welcome email series emails.

SendinBlue is very popular in Europe as it is completely GDPR compliant and features SMS marketing (something a lot of the others do not feature). They have a free plan that includes automated welcome email series. 

Get Response Starts at $15 per month and includes welcome email automations.

MailerLite includes free plan that includes email automation, however it does NOT include templates to start your emails with so it can be difficult to use if you are not familiar with email marketing and creating emails.

Flodesk provides beautifully designed emails with a plethora of templates to use. Some segmentation and reporting features are lacking but they are a newer platform and adding new features a lot. Totally unlimited plan for 50% off their regular price with this link and includes automated workflows no matter how big your audience.

In conclusion, I realize this list is not the most DETAILED about all of the features, drawbacks, and benefits of each service. The key feature I look out for is automation and at what price point that is included in each plan.

There are lots of other software, some of them more comprehensive than others and include all your marketing, social media, email marketing, landing page and even website all in one like Hubspot and Infusionsoft. The more features included, the higher that price tag goes. 

Also, if you have physical, tangible products you are selling, there are other email marketing platforms suited for eCommerce which I did not list here. 

The BEST software you can use is one you will understand AND use. Most of them offer free trials so you can go in, see what it looks like, try to create a newsletter, and see where you are running into any hurdles. 

The most basic tasks you want to be able to accomplish with your email marketing software is to create a beautiful landing page (unless you do it within your own website) and link it with a form that then triggers an automated email sequence to be sent out when that form is filled out. Don’t know what a landing page is? Here’s an article that explains landing page best practices and tips. That way, the person can get your freebie and be entered into a welcome email series. A welcome email series is key to establishing rapport with your new leads, introducing them to your brand, and providing value while sharing your key offers with them. Need help getting started or updating your welcome email sequence, download the free guide here!

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