5 Stages of Buyer Awareness & What It Means For Your Sales Page

Who are you talking to? 


How much information the person reading your page knows about you, your brand, and your service is an integral part of how much information to include on your webpage. 


The amount of information your ideal client knows is called Buyer Awareness. 

Buyer Awareness is the marketing term to define your customer’s location in their buyer’s journey.

So what are these five stages of buyer awareness and what does that mean for how much information you include in your sales page, your emails, and your marketing materials.

The five stages of buyer awareness are: Unaware, Pain/Problem Aware, Solution Aware, Product Aware, Most Aware. Your readers will fall on this scale in a range and they can vary slightly. So let’s go through each stage to determine what each one means. 


The unaware buyer is unaware they have a problem that needs to be solved or that the product/service that solves their problem exists.

So if you’re a money mindset coach or a life coach, that’s like speaking to a person who has no clue what that means. This person doesn’t even know that money mindset coaches even exist – all they know are bookkeepers and accountants. 


Pain/Problem Aware

The pain/problem-aware buyer is aware of a “problem” they have. 

This person is feeling the pain of not having their problem solved. Continuing with the example above, let’s say this person started their own business and now realized that they have a lack of money mindset. This person lives in a constant state of fear that they will never have enough money. They’ve recently uncovered this problem and are now realizing how prevalent it is in their life and business. 

Solution Aware

The solution-aware buyer is aware that a solution to their problem exists. 

The solution-aware buyer is now aware that they have a problem and have started talking to their other entrepreneur friends about this. One of their friends mentions if they’ve ever researched into money mindset coaches. A lightbulb goes off in this buyer’s head. She’s now aware that a solution actually exists to solve this problem of hers. 

Product Aware

A product-aware buyer is in the learning, researching, and discovering phase of products, brands and features that exist. 

The product-aware buyer is now aware that money mindset coaches exist – and are plentiful. She’s now begun the researching stage of looking into many different coaches. Comparing their coaching offerings, courses, prices, and books. She’s learning more about the different topics that certain money mindset coaches cover and what they don’t cover. For some people, this phase can last a while, for others it’s quick research.  

Most Aware

The Most Aware buyer is primed and ready to accept (or reject) your offer. 

These buyers have gone through the entire spectrum of buyer awareness stages and are now ready and armed with the information they need to make a decision on whether or not they are to purchase your product. 

Knowing the buyer awareness level of where your ideal client who is reading your page falls is critical to creating a converting webpage. 

This information will tell you the amount of information that your page needs. It will help you determine which objections that you’ll need to overcome in your copywriting and to what level of detail about your product the page needs to have. 

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