6 Ways To Repurpose Video Content

Video is King

I’m sure you’ve heard that pretty popular phrase right now. And yes, while a lot of the world may be consuming their content through video, there are still some people but most importantly computers that consume your content through reading. Search Engine Optimization is really important for getting your content found and one way to really maximize the videos you are spending time creating and putting out there is to repurpose them into different formats. This not only saves you time but can also get you out of a creative rut. In this post, I’ll share 6 ways you can easily purpose video content. 

1. Break videos into smaller chunks

Using your original videos, you can either cut and slice them into smaller pieces of videos (think no longer than 1 minute) and use them to repurpose as reels on IG, share on your stories or use as posts in LinkedIn and TikTok. 

2. Turn them into blogs

Well written blogs are super important to helping Google and other search engines find your page, comb through it and be able to share that information if someone is searching for a related keyword. Using your video, you can use a service like Descript to transcribe them and share the entire transcription as your blog with a link to the video. 

3. Create a summary as a blog

Don’t want to pay or try to learn how to use a transcription service to transcribe your video? You can also create a summary of the video and add that to your blog with a link to the video. This is perfect for SEO and getting your website found. Want someone to listen to your videos and create summaries? Reach out, I can help with this. 

4. Use the audio to create a podcast

Depending on how many videos you have created, you may even be able to turn your audio into a great start of a podcast! You can use a video editing software to extract and save the audio only portion of your video and use those as podcast episodes. 

5. Share the video with your email list

This one may sound pretty standard – but are you sharing your videos with your email list? You can easily use your videos in a welcome email sequence or to share as regular updated content with your subscribers. You cannot assume that just because you put your video on YouTube, that your audience will have seen it. I know I personally like getting an email with a link to a video. Need help with email marketing? I love email marketing! Reach out, I can help.

6. Combine videos into a series

Again, depending on how many videos you have created already, you may be able to turn them into a learning series that you can send out via email or create a course using them! You can then use this course or learning series as either a free lead generation / email lead magnet or create a course that costs for easy recurring income!


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