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How might it feel to be at ease and in control of your business?

Revamp your workday with a dedicated virtual executive assistant. Tired of drowning in emails, juggling schedules, and feeling overwhelmed by administrative chores? I specialize in streamlining these tasks, leaving you more time to strategize, tackle operational inefficiencies, and drive business growth. My expertise extends beyond mere organization – with a degree in hospitality business management and training in marketing and copywriting, I grasp the nuances of business, marketing and copywriting. With an acute attention to detail and a knack for completing tasks autonomously, I take the reins on projects, ensuring they stay on track. Let me empower you to guide your team, deliver top-notch service to clients, make strategic decisions, and foster personal growth. Elevate your productivity – partner with an executive assistant who understands your unique needs. 

How might it feel if you received extra help?

Your business and personal life would be enhanced by efficiency and productivity. I can effectively manage routine tasks, organize schedules seamlessly, provide timely information and overall improve business operations efficiency resulting in more time for strategic planning, client engagement, or personal development. You’ll experience reduced stress, improved work-life integration, and increased satisfaction with your overall professional and personal endeavors.

Why work with me?

I aim to create a positive impact in your life and the lives of your clients by alleviating the burdens of mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you. My motivation lies in the belief that by enhancing efficiency and reducing stress, it can contribute to both your personal and professional growth. Ultimately, my goal is to empower individuals to achieve their aspirations, fostering a sense of fulfillment and well-being. The satisfaction of providing personalized and intuitive support, efficiently adapting evolving requirements, and consistently delivering a level of service that feels tailor-made for you, I can contribute to making a meaningful difference in my clients’ lives. This is a driving force aligning with my commitment to excellence and client success.

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More about me & how it helps you

born and raised in suburban chicago-land

I always knew I wanted to be in business but I began my career in the hospitality industry at the front desk where I learned to provide excellent customer service and become empathetic to people’s needs. It’s these two qualities that I brough over into my role as an Executive Assistant that I believe make me a standout different from other assistants. 

some of my hobbies and interests

All kinds of exercise – sports like softball, volleyball, biking, running, HIIT workouts, lifting and yoga are all some of the exercises I like to partake in. Moving my body feels good and I want to be able to be flexible a long time. I also enjoy watercolor painting. It’s these hobbies that highlight my creativity, attention to detail and ability to think outside the box. These translate into innovative problem-solving and attention to detail. 

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