Hi! I’m Amilia Cruz Stehman.

Most days you can find me behind my computer, writing content for clients and researching new information. 

I am mostly known for helping service-based entrepreneurs craft a welcome email sequence that converts cold leads into paying clients. 

When I’m not busy working on my virtual assistant business, you can catch me: playing with my son, my daughter, two cats, and dog, reading self-improvement and historical fiction books, and cooking healthy, home-cooked meals and treats for my family.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

1. I held my high school 300-meter low hurdle track record for 15 years.

2. I can play the flute and used to be first chair in high school.

3. I am Midwest through and through. I was born in Chicago, raised in the suburbs, and am now raising my family in rural Indiana.

4. I was in AP English in high school.

5. There’s an 8-year difference between my husband and myself and we’ve been together since 2009.


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How I Thrive

Getting to know someone on a personal level is the best way to know if you will work well with them. 

With that, I share with you some of my own passions and interests.