"Amilia brings clarity, vision, and innovation to all her projects."

-Tah Groen, Human Design analyst and Yoga instructor

Copywriting services for emails, websites and sales funnels.

Hey Guys! I’m Amilia, a conversion copywriter for coaches and entrepreneurs who have a hard time putting words to paper. I help you form authentic connections and lasting conversions with your audience.

Stop putting off those writing projects.

I know so many coaches that love to talk! They love to record videos for their content. They have so many ideas they want to do. And so many ways to help their audience. 

But when it comes to writing, they have a hard time getting the words to escape their fingertips.

They sit at the computer and stare at the blank screen, with that cursor blinking back at them, taunting them to put something down. 

So then they do. And they publish it. 

But then they question. They don’t know if the words are the right things to say. They don’t know if the words are even in the right order! You feel frustrated and overwhelmed. And, if I’m being honest, this is the last thing you want to be doing right now. 

Then you delay, and wait, thinking – I’ll get to it one day.

Stay in your zone

Use your brain space to create more content for your business. To share more of your knowledge. To create more products and courses.

Not to figure out if the words you’re writing will convert to more sales. 

Let me stay in mine

I’ve written everything from full websites and launches to simple (but effective) landing pages, and value-driven email nurture sequences. 

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs that specialize in everything from leadership coaching, relationship/marriage coaching, a multi-media artist, grief coach, business coach and motivational speaker, to yoga teachers, and energy work healers. 

Some projects I’ve helped my clients get done are:

• Emails to nurture leads.

• Emails for your next launch to improve your sales.

• A website launch or re-launch for a beautiful and well-connected rebranding.

• Landing pages or sales pages to help entice readers to sign up.

Coming from the corporate hotel industry, I excel in fast-paced environments and thrived in customer service. I knew I could put those skills to use in a business. And in the middle of the night, with not a peep in the house except for the inhales and exhales of my baby boy as he drank his milk, I began researching how to build a business. That’s how Virtual Amilia began. 

6 months after offering a wide variety of virtual services, I niched down and chose the one I felt most called to — copywriting. 

Since then I’ve invested, LEARNED, and practiced my copywriting from courses like The Copy Cure from Marie Forleo, 5-day Write-And-Ignite Challenge with Alex Cattoni and Copy School with Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers. 


My mission is

to help coaches write their websites, emails, and launch funnels. I want to be the person doing the hard work of research, writing, editing, and optimization, while you’re able to transform more lives by the power of your services. 

I live by my values

 integrity, grit, and grace. And I’d love to see if we’re a good fit. 

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