Landing Page Tips & Tricks

Landing Page Tips & Tricks

A landing page is the webpage that someone lands on when they go to download your freebie. 

You can view mine here:

 As you can see, it’s a very plain page, with no header, footer, no other contact information, or other links except the download button.  This was all done intentionally to keep the reader’s focus on one call to action. 

It’s pretty easy to create a landing page on your website. However, with some content management software (a.k.a. Website providers), it does require a bit of coding to get it exactly the way you want. 

Below are landing page tips to convert visitors to subscribers.

1. Make the landing page on your own website.

A lot of email marketing software allows you to create landing pages within their software, but it comes at a cost. It is on THEIR domain and therefore driving traffic to their website. It doesn’t take a genius to see in my example above, that if you go to, you will probably find my home page. It’s pretty easy to create a landing page on your website. However with some content management softwares (a.k.a. Website providers), it does require a bit of coding to get it exactly the way you want. 

    1. In Squarespace, they give you the option of a “cover page”. This is essentially a great landing page and it does make it very easy for you to customize. However, it’s not fully customizable and can be cumbersome if you wanted to say insert an image of a mock-up of your product or freebie, or even add more text than what they allow on the page. For this reason, I always create an index page under my “unlinked” pages menu so it does not show up on any menus in my website and with a bit of coding, you can remove any headers and footers on desktop and mobile.  

    2. In WordPress, Elementor and Divi are my favorite themes to work in. They make it very easy to accomplish a landing page without any coding knowledge at all.

2. Have only 1 call to action.

That call to action should be your “download now” button. You don’t have to have your social links on here. You don’t want any other information other than the form and the download button. You give people too many options and they could down the internet rabbit hole and forget to sign up. 

3. Make the form simple.

First name and email are really all you need. And sometimes – depending on your audience, just an email address alone will suffice. I advise getting the first name so you can customize emails. But – you don’t need their last name, phone number, or anything else like that! It will deter them from filling out the form and downloading your guide. 

4. Keep colors easy on the eye.

You want it easy on the eye and easy to fill in. You ideally want the button for the signup form in an eye-popping color (and the only thing of that color on the page).

5. Ensure it’s mobile-optimized.

That means to make sure that no matter what screen size it’s viewed on it (tablet, desktop, mobile) that the form fits and easy to fill out and navigate the page. You can definitely deter someone if it’s too difficult to navigate your page. 

6. Copywriting that gets to the point.

Tell them 3 reasons why they should download it and the title. You don’t need a wall of text to convince someone why they should download your freebie.

7. Include a picture of the file.

 I love including a little “mock-up” or image of the cover of the file. It gives people a little glimpse of what to expect, what your style looks like, and might even give them a little taster of what the download entails, enticing them to download it.

8. Create a custom submission re-direct page.

Configure your form so that once someone signs up, they are taken to a custom thank you page. This will be on your domain, and this is where you can include your social media links, blog page, or any other information you want to share with the viewer.

The landing page is the top part of your sales funnel – it’s what draws people into your realm and gets them to download your information so they can learn what your business is all about, see if they like you, and eventually make a purchase from you! It’s such an important part of your business. If you need help creating your landing page or want help doing so, please feel free to reach out!

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