5 Qualities of a Good Lead Magnet

A lead magnet or freebie is essential to grow your email list. But having a lead magnet is not the only solution. 


Have a quality lead magnet that attract the types of client you want to work with and the type of work you want to do is key. 


Here are some of the qualities of a good lead magnet:

First, it must be easily consumable.

As you know (or may not know), the attention span of humans is getting shorter as the years progress. Easily consumable content is now coming in the form of short videos. Now, I’m not telling you to go start creating a bunch of content on TikTok or IG Stories…but your lead magnet should have this same high-quality, easily consumable content.

Well-designed content also makes freebies easy to consume.

This easily consumed content should also be actionable.

The 2nd way to create a good lead magnet is to make it something that allows people to take action and see change.

Don’t hold back. 

Don’t just make it a 1-page document so that you can fit it all in on one neat little bite-sized document. 

Make it robust. Make it fulfilling. Make it valuable. 

Make it actionable. And people will grow to trust and like you. They will turn to you as the authority – they will turn to you as the thought leader of that industry. They will look to you for answers on that topic. And all of this is what you want that lead magnet to do. 

The third quality of a good lead magnet is one that creates noticeable improvement.

Along with actionable, this lead magnet is allowing people to create noticeable improvement in their life and/or business.

If possible to measure improvement by using your information, then share this with your new lead. Share with them how they would go about measuring their progress. A lot of people are unsure how to measure their progress and by providing this to them, you are allowing them to be able to take notice of their improvement.

The 4th quality of a good lead magnet is that it’s relevant.

Yes, if you create a lead magnet, you should be visiting it periodically (think annually or semi-annual) to ensure that its still relevant content. This is also a good thing to double check any links that are in the document to ensure you do not have any broken links or over-looked spelling errors. 

The digital world is constantly changing so this is most important if your business revolves around the digital space. 

But even so, if you are a physical product and you are creating new physical products all the time, ensure that you lead magnet reflects your updated products and materials. 

The 5th quality of a good lead magnet is that it’s immediately available.

This means that as soon as someone fills out the form and provides you with their name and email, they are redirected to a thank you page where they are able to download the lead magnet right away. In addition, they receive an email immediately with a button to download the lead magnet too. That way you are captivating people’s attention while you’ve got it, while also giving them a gentle reminder that they chose to download this content. 

A good lead magnet not only helps you build your list full of quality leads, but it also helps you establish your authority – helps show you know what you are talking about. It also helps you build trust with your new audience members and have them turn to you for knowledge and expertise that you can provide. 

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