There are so many ways to market your message to your ideal client, how do you possibly choose? As a health coach, marketing your brand and your knowledge may have to be something that you are constantly working towards. In this 3 part blog series about Marketing for Health Coaches, I’ve already gone over Finding Your Niche which is the first step. The second step is choosing your platform to communicate your message or your brand and the third step is creating content and sharing your expertise.
Once you’ve chosen your niche, how do you attract those people? How do you get to work with them? Well, you’ve got to do some research and think about where your ideal client gets their information from. Nowadays, most people get a lot of information from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. Also, they might be searching websites for tidbits of blog posts with any insight or free giveaways they can find that pertains to their pain point.
A few of the platforms or ways of sharing your message are blogging, courses, memberships, webinars, challenge groups, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
All of these platforms can then be used to create a sales funnel to attract and keep in touch with your ideal client. I’ll touch more on sales funnels in another post. I would suggest pick one platform that you feel most comfortable exploring and get good at it. From there, you can start to add other tactics to your marketing plan to attract more potential clients. 
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Blogging might be the easiest to learn but it can also be the slowest conversion rate. With blogging, you are not trying to sell anything, you are simply sharing your knowledge and expertise in how you might be able to help your ideal client. Blogging is a great way for people to get a feel for how you write and some of the research that you might be doing in your business. It’s also a great way to share little bits of information with your ideal clients so you can earn their trust and hopefully convert them into a paying client. Most website platforms make it very easy to create your blog and add it to your site. If you do not know how, contact me and I will be happy to walk you through how to set this up on your website.



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Courses can take a lot of time to set up if you want to use a course creation platform. Some of the course creation platforms on the market I’ve found are best for health coaches are Procoach, Thinkific, Udemy, Teachable, and Coursecats. Or you can make it very simple and capture people’s emails to create an email marketing automation that includes PDFs or embedded videos.



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Webinars make a fantastic lead funnel start. You can do a quick 30 minute, free webinar about a particular health or fitness topic that is your ideal customers’ pain points and you could sell a membership, course, or one-on-one coaching with you at the end of the webinar. It’s a great way to talk to a warm market and get to have a closer bonding experience through video with them. Once you are comfortable with the format of your webinars, you could even do pre-recorded webinars and use them to have automated sales funnels. There are many webinar platforms on the market and through my research, I’ve found Everwebinar and Zoom Webinars (different segment than Zoom Meetings) to be two very popular and easy to use platforms to use for this. Of course, if you are doing pre-recorded webinars, you can use many different platforms to record it live and then upload it to your site or the funnel you are using.



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Memberships can be a great way to get a lot of clients into your business at a more affordable price to them. It’s also a great way to have a reoccurring income in your business. This might work especially well if you are a nutrition coach who develops special recipes, grocery lists or meal planning calendars for customers. You can keep content fresh by providing how-tos and instructional videos. If you have wordpress website, memberships can be easily integrated for minimal cost without the client ever having to leave your website.


Challenge Groups

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Challenge Groups can be a great way to find cold leads and turn them into warm leads. It’s easy to create a group on Facebook that you could utilize for this. You can then use a posting automation tool to schedule and send out posts and get potential clients engaged. This is also a great way to share your expertise and knowledge, do live videos and have people get to know who you are and how you work as a coach. Challenge Groups are a wonderful way for your clients to be able to interact with each other and allows you to create a warm, inviting culture for people to learn from each other and get to know each other and feel like a team – if that’s the culture you are looking to create. 

Social Media

Social Media sites are – of course – the number one way to find your niche, turn them into a warm market and make them a client. Needless to say, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are leading the way with this way of marketing. It’s easy to create pages that your niche can follow, do live videos to share information, make posts to keep them engaged, share personal stories to establish your credibility and gain their trust. However, do not get overwhelmed with trying to do ALL the social media at once. Try out one at a time and see how you like it, learn everything you can about it and then add another one. There is so much information in the way of ads, funnels, and markets. Hire a virtual assistant that can help you create your Facebook ads, help coordinate and organize your social media posts and keep your clients engaged in groups and pages. 

In Person!

In-person is an ideal way to market your health and fitness coaching business. Perhaps that’s where it all started for you. If you are already an instructor or trainer and you have a client roster you have been building, then perhaps it’s time to re-engage those clients with some online content. While in-person training is a fantastic way to gain trust and share your expertise, it significantly limits the number of clients or number of classes you can teach. You can only be in one place at once! A lot of the platforms I mentioned above can be duplicated and automated to create reoccurring income in your business. 

Have the most impact!

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that when choosing a platform that you are picking one or two that will have the best impact on your niche, help you find and communicate appropriately to them and you are comfortable using. Once you choose your platform, it’s time to get started creating content! This can be an intimidating step for a lot of people. In my next post, I will go into detail about creating content and sharing your expertise.


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