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My expertise as an executive assistant, allows you to focus on high-priority activities, ultimately boosting productivity and potentially leading to increased revenue or business development.

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You are looking for scalability in your business. By not having to do the administrative tasks of your business, you can focus on strategic planning for the growth of your business. An experienced virtual assistant, I am able to adapt to fluctuating workloads providing cost flexibility and efficiency in resource allocation.

You’re yearning for productivity. My expertise as an executive assistant allows you to focus on high-priority activities, ultimately boosting productivity and potentially leading to increased revenue or business development. 

You want time back. Time saved on administrative tasks translates to more time for strategic thinking and decision-making, contributing to better, more considered choices that can have larger financial implications.

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email marketing

content creation

tech support

project management

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Please review my virtual executive assistant service offerings to confirm that they align with what you’re seeking.

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Once the contract and any necessary NDAs are signed, your 50% deposit is received, we’ll schedule a kick-off call to kickstart our collaboration! Excited to begin this journey with you. 

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Frequently asked questions

No, we have the ability to work out terms of agreements that benefit both of us. All my contracts come with a 14-day cancellation clause so it’s easy to stop services at any time if needed. 

Yes, upon request, I am able to provide professional and personal referrals, both as a virtual assistant and Executive Assistant. 

I went to school for a bachelors in Hospitality Business Management. I’ve taken numerous marketing and copywriting courses like Copyhackers, The Copy Cure, and Copy Posse Launch Pad. With over 7 years in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant, I have real-life, tangible experience working with executives and coaches. 

I firmly believe that in order to work well, we must both feel we are a great match. by setting up a 15-minute call prior to signing for services, this will ensure that we are both aligned in our goals and can establish a basis for communication. At our kick-off call, we will review specific goals and milestones as well as preferred communication methods and styles. 

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