Conversion focused emails, websites, and funnels.

For coaches and course creators who care about connecting with their audience as much as they do about conversions.

Your client procurement is on repeat. Your processes are running smooth. You’ve got loads of content. And your strategies are aligned. 

Simply put, you’re busy running the business of your dreams.

But you’ve got course ideas, past workshops created, videos recorded and more ideas with nothing to sell them with. 

You need sales pages, landing pages, and email sequences. You also need more time. 

You’ve got ideas. You just need help with copywriting implementation.

But, when you go to write, whether it’s emails, a new landing page for a new service offering, webinar, workshop or course that you’re launching, the page stares back at you. 

A white blank page. 

And you can’t figure out the words to write down. Nor do you have the patience required to sit down and write the words that might work. 

So you’re left staring at that white blank page every time you go to sit down. That is, if you are even getting a chance to sit down. 

That’s if you’re taking a break from your long list of to-dos and attempting to do the writing. 

Don’t let that happen anymore.

You need a copywriter who knows people need YOUR talent.

One that’s experienced in writing for coaches. One that truly understands you. She has just as much passion as you do to put your service out into the world. 

And that's where I come in.

I’ll help you get the writing tasks off your list that you’ve been putting off. You want to create those evergreen funnels using content, courses, and workshops you’ve already created but you’re stuck at the writing phase. You have lots of ways to convert your reader with upsells and tripwires. You’re experienced with the terminology and the funnels but are lacking the bandwidth to create the content needed to sell them. 

Having worked with life, mindset, and business coaches, I'll help you write the words that sell to your ideal client in a way that feels great. But it can't just feel great, it has to convert as well.

With my signature process, The PATHS™ Process, you can feel confident the writing I give you back is stamped with your approval and worthy of converting your prospects.

Prepare. Arrange. Transform. Hone. Strengthen.

Feel confident in your copywriting.
Here's how we can work together:

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