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Creating a website is so easy to do now with the help of software like Wix and Squarespace. However, creating a website that actually gets you found in Google Search, gets clients to book your services, and delivers a clear message is another. Use these tips to build a website that gets you more clients.

Here are 7 things to do and 4 things NOT to do when it comes to having a website that converts. These tips are adopted from Donald Miller’s Building a Storybrand, and other digital marketing strategies I have come across in my research. If you haven’t already read and implemented Donald Miller’s Building a Storybrand – I highly suggest you go to library and get the book now!

Have a Clear Message

Your message needs to be crystal clear on what you do, who you help and how people can get in touch with you. It will help to fill in the blanks:

I offer _____, _____, and _____ and I want people to hire me by doing _____. 

This will give you the foundation of how to clarify your message, what your site needs to achieve and how people can buy from you! 

Pictures with People

Preferably pictures with you as the “people”. It’s hardwired in our antiquated brains to like someone that’s smiling. It’s also hardwired to trust someone better when you can see their face. So having a bright, happy, clear, picture of you doing something related to what you do is key to building trust with your potential clients. If you don’t have pictures of you, then it’s helpful to at least have a stock picture of someone doing what you do. Just make sure the picture is clear and pleasing to look at. 

Tell them what problem you solve.

So many websites I look at and I think “what do these people do?”. They have pictures of stuff, they have pictures of them, but no where on the site does it say what they actually do or what problem they will solve for me. People are not mind readers. Heck, most people don’t even read! If you want people to know how you can help them, you must tell them. You must tell them in the most concise, clearest way possible.

How it Works

People like to have a plan to follow that works. So tell them how it will be to work with you. Keep it to 3 steps, Keep it to bullet points or 2 sentences max under each step. We don’t need a novel for each step. That will just deter someone or distract them from the real call to action. 

Clear Call to Action

A Call to Action is just that – A CALL TO ACTION. It’s not a Learn More, or a Contact button. It’s a “Schedule a Call Now” or “View Class Schedule”. You might think it’s too direct or too “salesy”. But what exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to get people to buy a class from you or work with you? Or are you trying to teach people something they might not want to learn? Clear Call to Actions should be placed at the top right of your webpage and in the center of your page. Most of the world is trained to reach from Left to Right. Our eyes naturally folow a Z pattern when we visit a website. So having the call to action in the top right and again in the middle will ensure that your potential client knows what you want them to do. 

Have Social Proof: Testimonials, statistics, badges

A lot of people have their testimonials, statistics and badges on a separate page off the home page (if they even have them). But why? People want to know you are legit, they want to hear from other people how you helped them in their life and they want to know what transformation you helped other achieve. Having them on another page is like putting them at the back of your book. Have you ever noticed when you get a New York Times Best selling book, they always have testimonials in the front of book? Even before you get to the cover page! It works in books like that. Your homepage is like your cover page, you need your testimonials on it! 

Choose a Platform so you can be found in searches

I know a lot of people are intimidated by WordPress because they don’t want to build their own site or don’t know how to start. It’s actually quite easy with the help of tools like Elementor. Squarespace and Wix are wonderful platforms for doing it yourself too. However, if you want to be able to be located in Google searches for your work, then WordPress has the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can download a free plug-in called Yoast SEO to help optimize every page of your site. They make it really easy with green, yellow and red “stop lights” to tell you how well your page will do and use smiley faces to make it clear on how well your verbiage is serving your page. 


Talk about your company history, story or awards

No one really cares about how your company was started or formed. Or at least if they do, they don’t need to know it on your home page. This information is best suited to a page by itself but that can be found by using the menu. It’s great information if someone really does want to learn more about your company but it’s just not good to have on your homepage as it serves no purpose to what you do, how you can help someone and how they can buy from you! 


Put massive blocks of text

No one reads anything anymore. They read a sentence or two of every scroll they make – if that. If you must include a lot of text, at least put it in bullet points to make it easy to read and grab the reader’s attention a little more.


Too many fonts, colors and options

A very popular font for websites is Open Sans. There is an entire psychology on colors to use on websites, logos and in writing. Using colors like blue and green inspire trust and are great for personal brand colors. 


Have a Subtle Call To Action

Like I mentioned before, you must have a clear call to action. Learn More, Click More, and Contact are NOT clear and direct. Schedule a Call, View the Schedule, and Buy Now are definitely clear. If you think they are too direct, try it. See if it makes a difference on your site. What’s the worst people will think of you? Oh – she’s too bold, she wants me to actually buy her product? No. They might actually buy/schedule with you! You will be surprised. 
Creating a beautiful website is one task but creating a beautiful website that gets you clients, explains what you do or how you help people and actually gets you bookings is another. Sometimes creating a website can seem like a daunting task but your website is one of the first things people look to when they search your online presence and your website says a lot about you and how you operate your business. It’s the first impression or handshake you get to have with your client so make it a good one! If you’d like my feedback or assistance with your website, book a free discovery session now by clicking the button below!

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