Are you trying to juggle the different marketing aspects of your business and your welcome email sequence keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list?

Stay In Your Zone of Genius, Sell More, and Write Less

What happens when someone joins your list?

Are they just thrown into your regular emails without being “warmed-up”? 

Do you introduce yourself, your brand and share value before you start selling them on your services?

or do you...

Have a welcome email sequence that someone else wrote for you but it doesn’t feel or sound like you?

Feel disappointed with your current welcome email sequence. 

Are discouraged because it’s been on your to-do list for waaaay to long and you just don’t have the time.

but here's the thing...
you CAN:

  • build trust in your brand,
  • position yourself as the expert,
  • connect with your audience, and
  • sell your services in a way that doesn’t feel slimy.
and best of all, did you know of all marketing options, email marketing has the highest return of investment? 


the welcome email sequence copywriting service

The welcome email sequence copywriting service helps coaches who are short on time introduce their brand, services, and sell more. It does so without being annoying through a personable, memorable experience that turns cold leads into red-hot clients. 

who's that girl?

My mission is to help more people transform their lives in a positive manner through the way of supporting coaches and helping them sell their services. 

I am passionate copywriting and constantly refining my skills.

Amilia is a copywriter and marketing strategist. Becoming a fully booked out virtual assistant when she started her business in 2019, she pivoted to copywriting as she uncovered her skill set and refined her capabilities. 

Amilia has helped dozens of coaches transform their copy to refine their marketing funnels, update their email sequences, and sell more services and courses.

Before working with amilia, i had too many tasks on my plate and i couldn't manage to do everything by myself. I chose Amilia over other competitors because she was nice and warm and CALM. Amilia was able to work my email nurture sequence and i was able to continue focusing on my art instead!
Aggie Armstrong
Original & Custom Fine Artist

here's where i lay it all out

with the 6-part welcome email sequence, you'll get:

  • 60-minute brainstorming and “get-to know-your-voice” session
  • ideal customer avatar
  • Research on your ideal client’s pain points to speak directly to them. 
  • 6-personalized emails written in your voice designed to convert. 
  • Up to two revisions per email so we can truly perfect the sequence. 
  • Delivery via Google Docs to allow for easy collaboration and editing.

What's In It For You

Your Copy-Style

I'll get to know your copy voice: how you talk to your audience, the words you use, your speech patterns.

Find Your Value-Driven Content

I will spend time narrowing down your content or providing suggestions for value-driven articles, blogs, and video content that we can use in the sequence.

Create YOUR Ideal Client Avatar

I will create an ideal customer avatar using my signature ICA map for you to use at any later time. This is helpful information if you ever hire a copywriter in the future.

Detailed Email Sequence Map

A map of your welcome email sequence so we are on the same page of what will be included you know exactly what to expect when the final delivery arrives.

Pain Point Research

Research on your ideal client's pain point to address, engage, and speak directly to your audience in a way they will hear you and be driven to take action.

6 personalized emails

6 personalized emails to include: the freebie delivery email, about email, 3 pure-value emails, and 1 pitch email.

Revise that!

Up to 2 revisions included per email...that's 12 total revisions - to be able to perfect the emails until you are satisfied with them and excited to put them into action.

Delivery via Google Docs

Because who uses anything else anymore? Google Docs allows for on-the-go collaboration, and editing and auto-saving features ensures we never lose the work.

Before choosing to work with Amilia, I had a welcome email sequence that was boring and not enticing for people to open and read. I felt it was no longer aligned with my growth. I don't feel templates are a good fit and I didn't want to send too long of a sequence. I chose to work with Amilia because she genuinely cares about what I do, my message, and she takes time to learn and understand not only my business but also my style and my goals. I'm super happy with the email sequence Amilia wrote for me. It sounds just like me, just more eloquent and articulate! She also went above and beyond and gave me helpful feedback for my lead magnet!
Tifanny Nguyen
Spiritual Life Coach

Now, you could...

Spend hours of your own time writing and re-writing your sequence, wondering if what you are saying is actually making any sense or even resonating with your audience. 

You could easily waste hundreds of dollars of your own time rather than spending that time perfecting your offerings, creating new services and courses, spending time with clients, and getting paid. 

But is it really worth it? 

Get the welcome email sequence copywriting service starting at $767 USD. 

I just didn't know enough [about copywriting] and didn't want to do it! Amilia's fees are very reasonable and she gives a ton of value. She let me dump my brain out and then she made sense of it. She is very efficient and gets it done. Now, I'm much more confident in my email sequence - she even help me get clarity on my ideal client and the language to use. I feel so much more focused!
Wendi Fredregill
Certified Mindset Coach

Ok, how do I get started?

1. Click here to book your free discovery call. We’ll meet, agree on the assignment, ensure we are a great fit for each other.

2. Sign the agreement and pay the 50% deposit. ($383.50 USD).

3. I’ll do the writing and get back to you within 10 business days. 

4. Revision rounds take place.

5. Pay remaining 50% of agreement amount. 

6. Final delivery via Google Docs

7. Implement into your email marketing software & do a happy dance now that is task is OFF your to-do list.