What Happens When You Don't Have a Welcome Email Sequence

When you don’t have a welcome email sequence in place for new subscribers, you’re kind of throwing them to the wolves. 

I mean, think about it. Have you ever subscribed to someone’s list and not received an email introducing them and their brand? Most likely not. And if you didn’t receive a nice welcome email sequence, the next time they got around to emailing you, you may not have remembered who they were at all. 

Your audience is thrown into an abyss of emails, that may or may not come consistently. 


The only time they receive an email from you is when you are in launch mode – telling them about your services or masterclass (aka straight up selling to them all the time). 

Not having a welcome email sequence in place is a great way to lost your reputation. 

This is a wonder way to NOT build loyalty with your audience and have them fall in love with you. 

You have so much to offer and so much to give. 

Why not show it in a way that puts you as an authority. 

Show your claim to fame. 

Share your backstory to inspire others. 

Then share some more information of what they can learn from you. Tips of how they improve. Your best articles, videos or favorite people. Have them get a little inside glimpse into your life. 

Don’t just throw them off the deep end and hope they buy.

Because I’m sorry to break it to you – they won’t. 

So take the time now in your business to start your email marketing and create a converting, well-crafted welcome email sequence that shares your knowledge and builds trust + authority. 

Want help doing it? Book a discovery call and I’ll do it all for you! 

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